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Project Description
Bunian is a charity webapplication that will make it easy for the generous people, who want to give, to reach for the poor, who need and yet cannot be reached.

Charity organizations who use Bunian, will enable Sponsors to browse through list of Beneficiaries already registered with the organization, depending on different criteria, giving the Sponsors the ability to Request to sponsor certain Beneficiary, who can be Orphan, Family...etc.

For the time being, there will be no handling for charity transactions, the web application is only meant for communication.

Basic Business Requirements

Since the first phase of Bunian is concentrating on Orphan Centers, this document will discuss the general way how these centers work.

Orphan centers job is to present families whose father is deceased to the public, in order to find for them sponsors who are willing to pay monthly payments to support the financial status of the family.

This is conducted by:
  1. Research about the family to establish a solid ground of information regarding the financial status
  2. Present the orphans (as individuals) to community by providing profiles available to sponsors interested in supporting them
  3. Handle the money-transfer process from the sponsor to the beneficiary family

The following diagram shows the second activity; presenting the orphans:


The next digram shows the third activity; handling the money transfer:


As you can see, even if only two orphans were supported, the money will be handed over to the head of the family to spend on the whole family, i.e. money designated to an orphan is not his pocket money, it's to the family he is member of.
Another thing to note is that one orphan can have more than sponsorship, depending on the necessity of the family.

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